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Governor General's Banner


The Governor General's Banner is awarded to those units whose loyalty and distinguished service warrant recognition through the award of a ceremonial flag.  Normally that service must be sustained for a period greater than 25 years.  The Banner features the Governor-General's Pennant in the top left corner, wattle sprays in the outer corners and the 3TU Badge surronded by the Southern Cross in the centre.  The Banner is fringed and tassled in blue and gold and is hung on a staff surrmounted by an eagle.

The Unit qualified for the Banner almost 20 years before it was actually presented to 3TU; a fact which begs the question "Why did 3TU not receive the Banner 20 years ago?"  Evidently, earlier management, both at the Unit and within DEFAIR, considered that the ceremony and publicity surrounding such an occasion would not be in keeping with the requirement to maintain a low Unit profile.  Attitudes change with time and in the 1980's Unit management initiated action to have the Unit presented with its well earned Governor-General's Banner.

On 30 May 1988, the then Govern-General, Sir Ninian Stephen, approved the awarding of the Governor-General's Banner to 3TU.  In so doing his Excellency signed a scaled painting of the Banner, and Headquarters Support Command was requested to place an order for the manufacture of the Banner and belt.  Manufacture of these items was expected to take up to two years to complete.

On 8 March 1991, at a ceremonial parade at RAAF Pearce, the Banner was formally Concecrated and presented to 3TU.  All who attended the presentation parade and ceremony witnessed a truly outstanding spectacle; many thanks are due to those who took the initiative and set the wheels in motion that led to this event.  Recognition is also due to the men and women of 3TU who worked so hard to shine on the day and make the ceremony a worthy highlight in the history of the Unit.  The parade was complementated by a major reunion of ex-3TU personnel, with approximate 33 ex-members, comprising Cooks, Clerks, Technicians and Operators from all over Australia, attending.

Principal Parade Appointments.

Parade Commander:
    Wing Commander G. Bartlett

Parade Adjutant:
    Squadron Leader P McLeod

Parade Warrant Officer:
    Warrant Officer J.D. Lock

Colour Bearer:
    Flying Officer G. Weller

Colour W/Off:
    Warrant Officer K. McFarland

Escort Squadron Commander:   
    Squadron Leader G. Olsen

No.1 Flight Commander:
    Flight Lieutenant P. De Daint Jorre

No. 2 Flight Commander:
    Flight Lieutenant D. Towie

Holding Squadron Commander:
    Warrant Officer I. Moule

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