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Unit Crest and Motto



The initial design for an official Unit crest was a painting by LAC Len Robinson, depicting two Aborigines with spears watching smoke signals in the distance.  This and the eventual design depicting three smoke rings superimposed over a map of Australia, were submitted to RAAFHQ for approval in the early 1950s.  

The initial design depicting the Aborigines watching smoke signals was rejected as ‘too closely reflecting the Unit’s function’.  This resulted in the smoke rings superimposed over a map of Australia being chosen, along with the motto – ‘Djinnang’.

The final design was duly submitted and received Royal approval in June 1953.

The requirement for a motto was for an Aboriginal word meaning ‘Always Vigilant’.  Aborigines in the Beverly district of Western Australia, in 1957, gave the meaning of ‘Djinnang’ as ‘Watchful in case someone (or thing) might come’.  A dictionary of Western Australian Aboriginal languages gives the meaning as ‘To see or perceive’.

Editor’s Notes:   The above is from the 1991 publication ZKJ2

LAC L Robinson was Operator No 325

Photo provided by 683
3TU Insignia - Hand painted by Sgt Bede Meecham
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