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The following history and photographs of 3TU mascots have been gathered from several sources and we are thankful this material has survived the passage of time.




As an addendum to "Unit Mascot (1)", the following is offered.  The stated refusal of a particular CO to allow an Emu to join the established mob of ‘Roos at the unit stirred a distant memory.

At about 1973 the wife of one of the operators, came upon a chic emu in the region of Gin Gin.  The young bird was taken home and cared for until it became obvious this small emu would at some stage become a BIG emu.

Hence the said operator thought the best place for it would be a fully fenced area in the Bullsbrook district – 3TU.  The bird was released into the compound and so the saga of ‘Beep Beep" commenced.

Beep Beep took to life at 3TU like a duck to water.  The antics of this small bird were amusing to say the least.  When necessary it could go from a standing start to full throttle in a step.  Providing that it maintained a forward looking attitude it would not collide with anything – unfortunately that was not always the case.  If distracted during a sprint, Beep Beep would often collide with small bushes or trees to the amusement of all.  It never damaged itself and seemed to just shake itself off with a look of "Who put that there?"

As nature demands, little Beep Beep grew to be a very large bird, towering over all when it felt the occasion demanded.  As its size changed, so did its name – becoming "Boom Boom".

Boom Boom, with its growth, became more demanding.  While once being satisfied with being fed scraps of bread by the troops returning from the mess, it decided to take rather than wait for any miserable offering.  A sandwich held lightly in the hand could easily fall victim to a snatch and grab robbery at lightning speed.  Having also developed the unsociable habit of planting "darkies" at the entrance or back door of the mess, tolerance of Boom Boom eventually reached a low point.

Hence it was decided Boom Boom should be discharged for disorderly conduct.  So it was ushered out through a side gate to join its kin that free ranged in that neck of the woods.  However, Boom Boom patrolled the outer perimeter for ages – it is difficult to remember for how long.

Eventually one night the district was subjected to an horrific thunder and lightning storm. Boom Boom was never seen again.

And who was responsible for an emu at 3TU?  None other than J O’R, 623.

Well done that man.


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